whAt SWIFT offers


Digital Foresight

From digital foresight tools to the latest data-driven methodologies, we stay aligned with cutting edge opportunities for glimpsing the challenges just over the horizon.               


Adaptive planning   

Emerging technologies are transforming business models, investment strategies and organizational objectives across the globe. We utilize agile methodologies to help navigate a complex future.      


Partnership Strategy

21st Century challenges require collaboration. Finding the right partnership is essential. With a global network at our disposal, there's no need for your organization to go it alone.    


policy design

Technological integration impacts jobs, skills, value chains and company culture.  The right policy shifts are key to maintaining the right talent and building a valuable reputation.


SWIFT Partners is a Geneva-based advisory group that helps businesses, governments and international organizations to create sustainable value in a volatile, global environment.

We combine deep experience across industry and government with human-centred design, cutting edge foresight and new data sources to improve organizational resilience, performance and innovation.

Drawing on our global network of analysts, economists, designers and technology experts, we use structured, proven approaches and the latest data and analytics to help you understand current events, create new business models and achieve your organizational objectives.

  • Understand a changing world

  • Harness emerging technologies

  • Build a resilient organization