Understand a changing world, Harness emerging technologies, Build a resilient organisation

In a volatile global environment, SWIFT is focused on building sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We can help your organization develop in-demand competencies and tools for systems leadership, strategy, tech ethics, and many other technology management focused skillsets.

What We Do

We help you imagine new ways to approach emerging technologies

Digital and emerging technologies are transforming the world around us. Mindsets, skillsets and methodologies that consider the systemic impact of technologies and build agency and insight for leaders and their organizations are what we are all about.

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Technology Strategy

Will your organization drive change, lead new approaches, exemplify sustainable policies, and create opportunities for all stakeholders? SWIFT can help you develop the right vision and milestones.

Digital Foresight

From digital foresight tools to the latest data-driven methodologies, we stay aligned with cutting edge opportunities for glimpsing the challenges just over the horizon.

Policy Design

Technological integration impacts jobs, skills, value chains, and company culture. The right policy shifts are key to maintaining the right talent and building a valuable reputation.

Virtual Engagement

Experience sharing, learning, and collaboration is a global affair. SWIFT has the digital modules and methodologies to help your distributed teams.

Adaptive Planning

Emerging technologies are transforming business models, investment strategies, and organizational objectives across the globe. We utilize agile methodologies to help navigate a complex future.

Partnership Strategy

21st Century challenges require collaboration. Finding the right partnership is essential. With a global network at our disposal, there's no need for your organization to go it alone.

Our Directors

International Experience at your Service

ICT Expertise | Internet Economist | Competition Specialist | Sustainable Digital Transformation
Strategy Advisor | Author and Public Speaker | Certified Facilitator | Innovation and Foresight Expertise
Strategy Advisor | Governance and Policy Expertise | Emerging Technologies Skills Development
About Us

We take a global perspective on technologies and their potential for the future. With more than 50 years of combined public and private sector experience, what can we do for you?

Drawing on our global network of analysts, economists, designers and technology experts, we use structured, proven approaches and the latest data and analytics to help you understand current events, create new business models and achieve your organizational objectives.

We can help you access deep experience across sectors and stakeholder groups. If you need human-centred design, cutting edge foresight, new data sources, or to improve organizational resilience, we're here for you.

Foresight & Futures 15 yrs
80% Complete
Internet Economics & Competition18 yrs
100% Complete
Technology Governance & Policy 12 yrs
55% Complete
Training & Skills Development >20 yrs
90% Complete

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